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To be the most trusted and respected professionals recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.



To serve our clients by providing the highest quality professional services that address their business issues. We attract, recruit, and retain the most knowledgeable and passionate professionals, and we provide a collaborative culture that enables them to thrive professionally and personally. We deliver superior financial results to the investment community while contributing to the communities in which we live and work.



Integrity - We do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

Pursuit of Excellence - We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.

Accountability - We take responsibility for individual and collective actions.

Collaboration - We work together to achieve collective and individual goals.

Passion - Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make a lasting impact.


Who We Serve:

Site Title







*Small Business owners

*Aspiring Business owners

*Corporate Businesses

*Public/Private schools

What We Do:


*Manage Artist/Models


*Create Logos

*Notary Public (MD)

*Credit Repair

*Website building

*Business Plans

*Business Proposals

*Grant preparation

*Corporate Workshops

*Business Consultation

*Non-Profit Start up

*Business Management


Charles W.jpg

Charles W. (Rockstar Pryme)

IG- @rockstarpryme

Artist, Actor, Model, Songwriter


LaRay M.jpg

LaRay M.

IG- @laraytheartist

IG- @larayproductions

Artist Feature

Vocalist, Actress, Playwright

Emauni J.jpg

LaRay & Pryme Tyme

Published Author, Model


IG - @emaunijmanley

Youth Advocate

Youth Entrepreneur

Denascia S.jpg

Denascia S.

IG - @denascia_theperformer

Vocalist, Actress, Songwriter

Ebony W.jpg

Ebony W.

IG- @shine_with-ebony

Vocalist, Entrepreneur


Cailyn D.

IG- @beautyisinthebooks3

Youth Actress, Model

Youth Entrepreneur

Tony M.jpg

Tony M.

IG- @manleysblendedfamily

Vocalist, Actor, Model, Songwriter

Mentor, CEO


Cabryia D.

IG - _cabryia_

Model, Entrepreneur 

Roz M.jpg

Roz M.

IG - @manleysblendedfamily

Actress, Model, Author

CEO, DV Advocate


Demetri's B.

IG- @bigmechi_

Actor, Athlete, Model

Vlogger, Blogger, Personal Trainer

*To book a CDD MGMT, LLC client contact us @

Mindful Business  Consulting


Mrs. Valencia Clipper-Davis

Mindful Business Consultant

As a Mindful Business Consultant I am here to help individuals, businesses and organizations build and/or effectively maintain a healthy and productive business by providing them with the tools to recognize how their personal life shows up in their business.


*You are ready to start a business but are not sure how and where to start.


*You are currently running a business but feel like you're sinking and need help getting on track.

                            We help transform others by enhancing productivity, unlocking innovation and driving corporate performance.

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