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Valencia Clipper-Davis is paving the way for future entrepreneurs, and as a result of her determination and continuous effort, she's received many awards including the Yolanda Adams "Open My Heart" award, the Who's Who "Top Female Entrepreneur" award, 2015 and 2017 Black Female Entrepreneur award as well as the 2015 and 2017 Community Outreach award, she was recently in 2018 nominated for 19 awards by the Successful Journey of Black Entrepreneurs as well as nominated for 4 2018 Inspire Awards by The Shaun Jai project. She has led multiple workshops and is a awesome motivational speaker with an ability to sway the mind of her audiences and has spoken at dozens of prestigious events on many topics that vary from successful parenthood, relationships, entrepreneurship, self esteem, self love, mental illness and so much more.

She has played her part vigorously in many  capacities with local charitable and service organizations and has dedicated her life to helping others.


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Click the picture for the interview!


Click the picture for the interview!

To inquire about having Mrs. Davis speak at your event contact us @

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