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Text Therapy

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I have created a platform for those that may feel they don't want to SPEAK directly to me for whatever reason, those who call but I'm not available to TALK for whatever reason or those who simply don't want me to know who they are but need someone to talk to at that moment......TEXT THERAPY...."I'm meeting people where they are"......I have LOTS of teens and adults who already utilize this with me, they rather text and I'm fine with that as long as I'm able to get through to them, when they're ready to meet, we meet. It may not work for everybody but those that it works for, it's there. God provided me with a gift, the means to get a education to further enhance that gift and good and bad experiences to be able to use that gift with much confidence. I'm GREAT at what I do and I KNOW it, so who am I to deny others of it. If you need help and are in a bad mental space......TEXT: LET'S TALK ABOUT IT or TALK to 301.917.5391 or 202-577-9800

                             YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO THIS ALONE!

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