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~ LaKisha

Valencia Clipper- Davis and I met on a social media, most popular and well known as Facebook. It was only God answering my prayers as I was in a really dark place in my life. I had practically given up on myself while I was still fighting for everyone else around me. You see I am a young mother of seven (7) and was battling depression. After giving birth to my last child Leah Simone I was admitted into the hospital off and on for like three (3) weeks because they could not stabilize my blood pressure. In fact the medical team said they had no idea how I was even still alive! Upon being released from the hospital with very specific medical instructions to only rest, I disobeyed them and went back to my normal routine of being my families Super Hero like so many women I know does. Not knowing or understanding what I was doing to myself, during a routine check up, I found myself being admitted again because my blood pressure had spiked again and this time it was more serious than before, I had hit comma numbers and they could not figure out how I had even walked in the building.


It was then that I realized that I was good at caring for and praying for and encouraging everyone else but that I did not have the same strength to do the same for myself! One morning after opening my Facebook page I received a message from Mrs. Clipper- Davis and this is where my life began to change. She introduced herself to me and spoke life to me when I felt my life was through. Days went on and as we became more acquainted she asked me a question I didn't know I needed to answer. She said, "Lakisha, you are doing everything for everyone, but what will they do without you?" I paused and immediately tears began to stream down my face, she said "Now is the time for you to learn how to give to yourself what you have been giving to everyone else"! We immediately began to go into action. She built a plan for me that included me and God first before doing anything else in my day. She requested that I wake early to pray and meditate then proceed with the rest of the tasks for the day. At that time I was so over my head, I had no idea how it would happen, but I believed in her belief in me!


Day by day as I followed all she had put in place for me, I began to see things shift. I began to feel better and one by one I was beginning to experience victory after victory after victory. When I had my daughter I weighed my highest ever weight of 234lbs. I now weigh my post pregnancy weight of 175lbs and this has since July 2015 to current! Mrs. Clipper- Davis is an amazing woman and I am so grateful to her for how she has transformed me and gave me my life back, with the balance and harmony it was missing for so long. Anytime anyone does anything for me I am determined to do something in return, but Mrs. Clipper-Davis would not allow me too. Each time I have asked her how can I repay you, she always replies, "Just Pay It Forward".

Mrs. Clipper-Davis is and has been the ignition to my fire, the reason why I am succeeding and thriving today so gracefully. I am ever so grateful for our connection and do pray that she continues to be blessed.


There is so much I could say about Valencia Clipper-Davis because she has been such an inspiration to me and others.  I met Valencia at a pivotal point in my life.  Not only had I stepped out on faith by moving from my hometown of 38 years but I also decided to pursue a lifelong goal to become a mentor.  After talking with various individuals from different organizations I finally spoke with Valencia and knew from her straightforward demeanor that Valuable Blessings was the organization for me.  I never would have imagined in a million years how such a decision would impact the rest of my life.  Not only has Valencia and Valuable Blessings become such an important of my life.  They are truly my family.    


Valencia has been my counselor, my confidant, my saving grace, my conscious, my shoulder to cry on and most of all my friend.  I attribute some of who I have evolved into over these last 5 years to Valencia.  She has pushed me to several heights to ensure I am constantly evolving.  She has taught me how to look at life with different lenses.  She has taught me how to view life’s downs in a more positive way even when I can’t see the up side.  One of the greatest things about this woman is that she accepts everyone for who they are.  She sees past your flaws and she actually helps you work through them so that you can be the best YOU.  Valencia’s motto is about being the best you that you can be and she really instills that in everyone she comes in contact with.  Her words have encouraged me to not only take on new challenges but to also overcome the obstacles to ensure my success.  There are a few things in my life I currently would have never imagined doing.  One is I never thought I would want to be a personal trainer but after working out with Valencia and having so many health issues.  I knew that not only was I saving my life but I would also help save others who battling serious health issues.  When I told her of my vision she instantly put a plan in motion to make sure that I followed through with my vision.  This woman is truly AWESOME! She never makes you feel like you CAN’T!!! She always makes you feel that you can conquer the world if you want! That is what I love about her the most!  


I always try my best to celebrate her because I owe her so much.  She helped a wounded woman get her groove back and for that I say THANK YOU! Her love is unconditional and with her by my side I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Her passion in life is the help people and she does that everyday in her various businesses.    In a world where there is so much turmoil Valencia is a beacon of light.  She provides hope to the hopeless and faith to the unfaithful.  I am so happy that our paths crossed and I wish everyone could experience the love of this woman like I have. 

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~Keisha and Troe

Valencia has been a tremendous god sent for my daughter and I. Valencia has homeschooled and mentored my 15 year old daughter and was able to get her back on track in 1 school year. My daughter had failing grades and no motivation. Now she is excelling and shows pride in her academics. Valencia also assisted me in my parenting style. How to handle the challenges of raising a teen appropriately and not feeling guilty for saying, “NO” and enforcing the rules of the house. Valencia is truly an upstanding virtuous woman who always wants the best for anyone she comes in contact with. 


I can’t say enough about Valencia Clipper-Davis!  She is so many things to so many people, but I’ll just focus on what she is to me.  We met several decades ago at some point during our K-12 educational experience in the Prince Georges County school system. I don’t remember the exact day we met but I know that we were destined to be in each other’s lives.  Although we went to the same schools, we didn’t have classes together, so we just knew each other, in passing, to say hello and then rush off to our next class before the school bell rang.  As adults, we have grown to know each other more and we are not only friends but support one another in our community work and businesses.  Valencia is one of the most giving people that I know.  Her commitment to children through her childcare center and her home school program as well as her commitment to her community have been well documented.  What most people don’t know are all the things she does for people directly through private, one-on-one random acts of kindness.  I have been fortunate enough in my life to not need community services however, I have needed a friend, an inspiration and support from time to time and Valencia has done all those things and more for me on many occasions.  I can recall sending her a text message one day after I had learned about my little sister’s shocking stage three breast cancer diagnosis.  It was at approximately 8pm in the evening and I apologized to Valencia after I found out that she was grading papers for her homeschool students at the time.  She responded: “I can stop what I’m doing for you and go back to it later.”  Another time, I sent her a text message, asking if she had time to talk and I received this message: “I’m out on a date with my husband but are you okay?”  Then yet another time, I spoke to her on the phone about how worried I was about my little brother’s education as he was about to enter high school in a school district that is not great.  She not only offered a very discounted rate for her homeschool program to my Dad who is raising my brother as a single parent and is low-income, but she also took the time to speak to my Dad multiple times and meet with him and my brother to ensure that her program was the best for them.  I receive countless amounts of support from Valencia personally and professionally and I can’t say enough about not only what she does but WHO SHE IS!  That person is warm, supportive, loving, caring, compassionate, a fierce business woman, a committed mother, wife and friend.  I know that she has so many requests and demands on her time but when I need her or just want to chat, I feel like I have her undivided attention, for that and for so many other reasons, she deserves all the good things that life has to offer and I’m happy to share my experience of this amazing woman with anyone who wants to know!


Valencia and I entered each other's lives on a professional basis however that quickly developed into a more personal big sister/little sister relationship. When she and I met, I was pregnant with my fifth child, and also had 9 month old twin girls and 6 year old boy/girl twins. I was hurting, confused, exhausted and felt completely lost. Immediately she began nurturing my mental by telling me I mattered, I am loved and I am worthy. I battled with post-partum depression after each of my pregnancies and with the last two being so close to each other, I had no real time to decompress and truly heal physically, emotionally, or mentally. Valencia carefully started speaking life and positivity into me, helping realize that it was ok to feel whatever it was i was feeling at the moment. I remember last year I was at her doorstep crying and just doubting myself in so many ways and I said the word weak describing myself. She instantly stopped me, grabbed me by my arms and said listen to me, you are NOT weak! I don't want to ever hear you say that again! You are worthy simply because you exist! I will never forget those words. Valencia has been beyond instrumental in guiding me and helping find Dana again. She saw my flaws quickly and clearly but has never judged me or turned her back on me. Over the last 3 years, Valencia has always reminded me to love myself first because I won't be able to love anyone else. She continuously instills in me how to love myself, and how to self care for my own sanity. Anything from writing down what I like best about myself, to taking a few hours to just have some me time and to NOT feel guilty about it. She has given me the hard truth and constructive criticism I've needed to break myself down in order to build myself back up in a much healthier manner. I know Valencia is nothing short of a God ordained miracle in me and my family's lives. This fellow Aquarian woman is the epitome of strength, perseverance, intellect and grace under fire. She is the mother/big sister I needed in my childhood, yet God and his impeccable timing saw to place her in my life when he knew her whole presence would help turn my life around. I thank God for Valencia and her life and all the many ways she touches so many people lives without ever wanting any attention or accolades. Valencia had a genuine calling over her life to help people who suffer with mental health issues.


Valencia has been a really close sister/friend of mine for years.  She was there for my family and me when my husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2014.  Many times she talked me through and calmed me down.  She has been more than main part of our support system since his passing last June.  She also counsels one of my children and I love how she loves him. She counsels me as well and she always has a way of calming me down and giving me a new way to look at whatever situation I am dealing with. Valencia is one of the most caring and compassionate people that I know.  She is totally selfless.  Sometimes to a fault.  She wants to help everyone.  Valencia is an integral part of my life. 


Mrs. Valencia Clipper-Davis is such an inspiration to me an my two children. I met Mrs. Davis a few years ago through social media where she was advertising about an community event she was having. At this event I witness her blessing so many families with food and clothes. Her passion to serve is awesome. This woman always try to find a way to help someone in need and I love that about her. 


I wrote a status on FaceBook (FB) about 2 years ago. The status was a cry out for help and resources. In that message I talked about being taught at a very young age "What goes on in this house stays in this house" however I did not want that for my household. My son was struggling and I needed help. I knew it was going to take a village and I needed a strong village.

Through mutual friends and general conversations Valencia name came up several times. People would tell me how like minded we both are. However, we never got to really talk. Who knew my FB message would birth such and amazing friendship. My post had positive and negative effects. People posting asking why would I discuss my sons struggles with thoughts of suicide on FB. Again I was crying out for help there was no way I was going to let the enemy win.

Then I received a phone call. It was Valencia. Remind you we have never met in person or talked on the phone. Just some FB likes and comments. She did not waste her time commenting on my page she used her time to get my number and contacted me. Her words that day had so much power, her love was felt through the phone, and her resources was endless. I could not beleive a perfect stranger (in a sense) cared so much about my son. When our conversation ended I was left with so much hope. I knew that God used her to speak to me. To encourage and uplift me. I realized that FB post was needed for so many reasons. I received emails from others going through the same thing and was thankful I had the courage to reach out.

Valencia could have ended with just our conversation but she didn't. She continued to reach out to me to check on my son. Offer services and most importantly just listen to me. I felt like my family and I was a priority. Getting to know her better I realized just how busy she was with her own family and her other business. Never would I have imagined this woman of God had several successful business, a husband and 7 children. Yet she still took the time to contact me to check on my child. Not only did she help me help him, she helped me in the process.

I get emotional every time I think of her unconditional love, her aggression, and her strength. That FB status help me gain a true friend. A friend that loves children so much. A friend that goes above and beyond. A friend whose aggression help those with no voice have a voice. A friend that will push you to live in your purpose. This woman of God is amazing. We are honored to know her and I thank God often for allowing us to meet and for using her they way that He does. I'm proud off her accomplishments and look forward to seeing her achieve all her goals.


My first encounter with Valencia was merely by chance.  Actually, I know it was fate.  God placed someone in life to help redirect my path.  I was a single mom, in a bad relationship and living across the hall from mother.  We often spoke in passing but it wasn't until her mother began to watch my son, that we became close.  


As an only child I never knew what it was like to have a sibling and as a mother who had suffered the loss of her mother at 18, I had no idea of how to be a mother.  I often watched in amazement at the care she provided for her children and mother.  I knew she was different but dared to say anything.  It wasn't until I was at the end of my rope that I started to confide in her.  Having shared some similar life experiences, I wanted to know how she survived.  Was it possible for me to survive?  I didn't know where to begin.  Somedays I would call her and just cry.  She would listen and then ask me, "so what are you going to do?"  She wanted to know when I was going to make a decision to help myself.  No matter what time of day or night I called, she was there to provide a listening ear, a real reality check when I tried to live a fairytale and just overall love.


Sometimes it's hard to see the forest through the trees but she has always been a firm voice of reason.  Valencia is a strong example of a mother, wife, sister and friend.  She continues to offer guidance and wisdom and I am forever grateful that our paths crossed


~Brianna (Fiskee) 

I am so grateful our paths crossed

You are a beautiful soul. You have the spirit of an angel and the heart of a warrior. You are selfless in all you do for others, never giving up and never expecting anything in return. You empower those who are blessed to cross in your path by showing them self-love is their greatest superpower. I believe

our strong friendship, connection, is on another level, spiritual or soul, comes from the heart. Time is irrelevant as it remains unconditional, unwavering, and everlasting.

Thank you for you. I love you always and I miss you terribly!!


I wish you peace, love, abundance, and miracles!! 



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